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Introducing 2 Breakthrough New Soft Fruit Varieties

Two exciting new soft fruit introductions will be on sale here from later this week.

Blackcurrant ‘Big Ben’

Blackcurrants have traditionally been grown for either juice or cooking, with little appeal as fresh fruit.

Blackcurrant ‘Big Ben’ is a fantastic new Scottish bred early variety which produces fruit up to three times the size of traditional varieties, and offers exceptionally high yields of sweet, juicy fruits packed with Vitamin C. The berries may be eaten from the bush or made into delicious jams and pies.

‘Big Ben’ fruits have an average weight of 2.9g, in comparison with most blackcurrant berries which weigh an average 1g. A mature plant produces an impressive yield of 4.5Kg (10lb).

Mature plants develop a slightly arching habit with strong branches. This makes them easy to harvest and ideal for training on wires if required. ‘Big Ben’ has the added advantage of being resistant to both powdery mildew and leaf spot.

This is a great new variety for gardens and allotments of all sizes. Plant in any good garden soil in sun or part shade. Supplied as strong plants in 3 litre pots, labelled with full, easy to read care instructions.

Raspberry ‘Erika’

Traditional raspberries produce regular crops for harvest in summer or autumn.

The new ‘primocane’ or double-cropping raspberry ‘Erika’ produces regular crops of large, sweet fruits in June, followed by a sceond crop in August. The fruits have an excellent flavour for desserts, puddings, jams and sweets.

Raspberry ‘Erika’ has been bred from an old favourite ‘Autumn Bliss’. The plants have good pest and disease-resistance and produce larger than average berries. Raspberry ‘Erika’ is easy to grow with very simple pruning requirements.

A great addition to any garden, raspberries are high in fibre, potassium, iron, Vitamins A nd C, and contain beta carotene which protects against heart-disease.

Raspberry ‘Erika‘ is a fantastic easy-to-grow variety, suitable for any good garden soil in sun or part shade. Supplied as strong in 2 litre pots labelled with full, easy to read care instructions.