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The Year at Primrose Cottage Nursery

Seasonal highlights month-by-month.

The coldest month of the year is the quietest in the garden centre, although there is always plenty for us to do on the nursery. We make the first sowings of bedding plants this month, in particular slow- growing types such as Begonias which have to be sown this month in order to be saleable in May.

Seed potatoes, onion and shallot sets, and summer-flowering bulbs such as Dahlias and Lilies arrive this month. We also have a good selection of potted bulbs including early flowering types such as Snowdrops, Winter Aconites, ‘Tete-a-Tete’and dwarf Iris in addition to all the later blooming bulbs just starting into growth.

The longer, hopefully milder, days of February encourage gardeners to start thinking of spring. Camellias, Hellebores, Primroses and Cyclamen coum are loaded with buds and flowers, and Rhubarb crowns are ready to plant. We have lots of bedding plants for early spring colour including Polyanthus, Violas, Pansies, Sweet Williams and Wallflowers.

Spring arrives in earnest this month. Our first batches of vegetable plants are ready this month in trays of 12 plants, plus trays of early-sown Sweet Peas. A wide range of herbaceous perennials, herbs and alpines are ready to plant this month and many, such as Pulmonaria, Primula, Erysimum and Aubrieta, are in flower.
Shrubs, Rhododendrons and Azalea stock is all looking good. March is a key month for lawn care, and customers can choose from a wide range of lawn feeds and moss/weed control products, in addition to grass seeds for re-sowing or filling patches in existing lawns. For Mother’s Day we always have planted pots and hanging baskets, and other gift ideas.

We have a wide range of fully ‘hardened-off’ bedding plants ready to plant this month. We also raise a huge selection of vegetable plants here on the nursery, including numerous varieties of robust tomato plants. The ‘Patio & Hanging Basket Plant’ greenhouse opens this month, with our range of over 100 types of plants suitable for pots and baskets – including many exciting new introductions each year. Acers are looking fantastic as they display their wonderful new spring foliage.

Everything seems to look good this month and customers are spoilt for choice. Many shrubs, Clematis, Rhododendrons and Azaleas are in full bloom.The full range of bedding and vegetable plants is now ready, including the more tender types such as Impatiens, Begonias, Marigolds, Cucumbers, Beans & Courgettes. New batches of patio and hanging basket plants are introduced weekly into the sales greenhouse, and ready-planted hanging baskets and pots are available in an exciting array of colour combinations.

We grow successive batches of all our bedding plants, so lots of summer colour is still available this month, with many varieties also available in larger sizes for instant impact. A huge range of flowering shrubs herbaceous perennials and alpines are looking very good.

Lots of patio plants are still available this month for filling any extra pots, and we have a huge selection of herbaceous perennials and Dahlias all bursting with colour. July is a busy month for caring for plants in the garden, and we stock a full range of plant feeds, plant supports, as well as weed, pest and disease control treatments – and advice is
always freely available.

This is a quieter month on the nursery as many customers are on holiday, or have finished their planting for summer. For those finding spaces in their borders or pots, we always have a wide variety of large, gap-filling perennials such as Phlox, Penstemon and Crocosmia and there is always something new or unusual. Spring-flowering bulbs arrive during the second half of the month

Autumn bedding plants are available from this month, including bedding Cyclamen, Violas, winter-flowering Pansies, Heathers, plus lots of foliage and berried plants.Our new stock of Rhododendrons and Azaleas arrive, plus the first of the new season Roses. Lots of perennials are looking good this month, including Japanese Anemones, Stokesia and Rudbeckia.

More new Roses arrive this month, together with soft fruit bushes and hedging plants. Wallflowers are ready to plant plus we have a full range of autumn/winter bedding plants for replanting borders, pots and hanging baskets.

Although we stock a wide range of both ornamental and fruit trees all year round, November marks the start of the perfect planting period as the trees have time to become established before spring. Protect fruit trees from winter moth damage by using grease bands around the trunks this month. To brighten up the late autumn garden, we have colourful autumn shrubs such as Skimmias and Viburnums, and plenty of Hellebores coming into bloom.

Christmas trees are in stock from the beginning of the month, both cut and rooted types and all premium grade. We have lots of festive delights in the nursery including beautiful hand-made wreaths, top quality British-grown Poinsettias, Cyclamen, potted bulbs and many gift ideas. We also sell gift vouchers which make the perfect gift for keen gardeners, and stock a comprehensive selection of wild bird foods and feeders to encourage birds into the winter garden.